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Fine Dining in Greenville, SC

Classic Dishes with a
Modern Twist

Savor a modern take on the Carolinas’ regionally sourced lodge cuisine with classic yet creative fine dining in Greenville, SC. Our curated menus pay homage to Greenville’s agricultural history—from fresh garden fare to artfully composed game—for authentic flavors in every season.

a person pouring wine into a glass
a glass of drink with a sprig of thyme
Featured Fare & Sips

Fine Wines by the Glass

Discover the robust notes of some of the finest New and Old World wines in our extensive “by the glass” wine menu showcasing an array of global vintages from the rolling hills of Valpolicella, Italy to the verdant valleys of Napa, California.

Featured Fare & Sips

Seasonal Cocktails

Savor the artistry of our handcrafted cocktails, each featuring a unique blend of fresh, local ingredients. From refreshingly smooth Japanese whiskey to woody and aromatic Nicaraguan rum, our rotating selection of seasonal cocktails invites you to linger.