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Pru Banner Ads

Jan 2015. Christopher Kull, Designer/Animator.
This project started out as a brand video for Prudential’s Flash Banner ads. The project changed, but I continued working on it, making it a portfolio piece for myself. 20 of the 23 flash pieces were animated by me. Each is carefully labeled, although I forgot to give myself credit for assisting with the animation of the energy circles in #21. The individual flash pieces were published as mov files, and brought into After Effects to create this.

And it’s color was blue

My Idea for this was to create a children’s book using motion graphics. Creating this was sort of my solution to not having the time/space to paint. I tried to create this with the same vision as if I were painting it. The result may be more of an art piece than a children’s book. I hoped to finish it by Father’s Day, and today is Father’s Day so it’s time to stop working on it.  June 2014, 576×324. Get Adobe Flash player
Below is the same video for those who can’t see flash.